18-549: Embedded System Design


Welcome to 18-549 Spring 2017. The course syllabus is available here (PDF).

Course documents available on blackboard and discussion on piazza.

Course Description

This course comprises a semester-long project experience geared towards the development of skills to design realistic and practical embedded systems and applications. Students will work in teams on an innovative project that will involve the hands-on design, configuration, engineering, implementation and testing of a prototype of an embedded system of their choice. Students will be expected to leverage proficiency and background gained from other courses, particularly with regard to embedded real-time principles and embedded programming. The project will utilize a synergistic mixture of skills in system architecture, modular system design, software engineering, subsystem integration, debugging and testing. From inception to demonstration of the prototype, the course will follow industrial project practices, such as version control, design requirements, design reviews and quality assurance plans. The initial lecture content will cover background material intended to complement the project work. The remainder of the course will consist of regular team presentations of key project milestones, current project status, a final project presentation and functional demonstrations of various subsystems, even as the entire prototype is being developed.

A primary objective of this course is to provide the engineering student with a cooperative working experience as an active member of an interdisciplinary team. Students obtain practical experience with the design process and both learn and reinforce their knowledge of specific technical topics covered in lecture and applied in the project. A structured framework is provided to aid in the success of the team. In the second half of the semester, the teams meet weekly with the instructors to discuss progress, challenges, issues and plans.

18-549 in its current form was originally developed over many years by Professor Priya Narasimhan. Previous instances of the course can be found here. Note that project links on that site may not work properly.


Anthony Rowe

Office: 2217 Collaborative Innovation Center
Phone: (412) 268-4856
Fax: (412) 268-5531
Email: agr@ece.cmu.edu

Course Staff

TA Email Office Hours in HH1303
Adwait Dongare adongare Wed 6:30-7:30pm
Kyuin Lee kyuinl Sun 5:00-6:00pm
Ram Verma ramv Fri 12:30-1:30
Artur Balanuta arturb Thu 6:00-7:00pm
Craig Hesling jhesling Tue 5:00-600pm
Course Management Assistant Email Office Phone
Lyz Prelich-Knight lyz@ece.cmu.edu HH 1112 412-268-5087
Technical Course Management Assistant Email Office
Zara Collier zcollier@andrew.cmu.edu HH 1112

Schedule 2017

Week Day Date Topic Assignment / Comments
1 W 18-Jan Lecture 1: Course Introduction
2 M 23-Jan Lecture 2: Project Overview
W 25-Jan Lecture 3: PCB design Lab 1 Release
3 M 30-Jan Lecture 4: Sensors and Actuators Team Formation Due
W 1-Feb Lecture 5: Project Logistics
6 M 6-Feb Lecture 6: Communication Lab 1 Due, Lab 2 Release
W 8-Feb Lecture 7: Low Power
F 10-Feb Proposal Document Proposal Document Due
5 M 13-Feb Proposal Presentation #1 Team Proposal Presentation
W 15-Feb Proposal Presentation #2 Team Proposal Presentation
6 M 20-Feb Proposal Presentation #3 Presentations
W 22-Feb Lecture 8: Safety Critical Systems and Ethics Lab 3 Release
F 24-Feb Website check 1 Delayed
7 M 27-Feb Team meetings Website check 1
W 1-Mar Team meetings Lab 2 Due
8 M 6-Mar Lab: System demo #1 System demo #1 and Lab 3 Due
W 8-Mar Team Meetings
Th 9-Mar Peer evaluation 1 Peer evaluation 1
9 M 13-Mar Spring break: no classes
W 15-Mar Spring break: no classes  
10 M 20-Mar Lab: System demo #2 System demo #2
W 22-Mar Team meetings
11 M 27-Mar Lab: System demo #3 System demo #3
W 29-Mar Team meetings
12 M 3-Apr Team Update Presetations #1 Team Update Presetations #1
W 5-Apr Team Update Presetations #2 Team Update Presetations #2
F 7-Apr Website check 2 Website check 2
13 M 10-Apr Lab: System demo #4 System demo #4
W 12-Apr Team meetings
14 M 17-Apr Lab: System demo #5 System demo #5
W 19-Apr Team meetings
15 M 24-Apr Lab: System demo #6 System demo #6
W 26-Apr Team meetings
16 M 1-May Course feedback session Cancelled
S 6-May Lab: Final system demo Final system demo
17 F 12-May Public Demo (redemption demo) Public demo
18 S 14-May Final report Final report (Due AoE)
S 14-May Final Website Check Final Website check (Due AoE)

Projects (Spring 2017)

Team # Project Name Team Members
1 AquaOS Robert Dioso, James Mackaman, Connor Maines, Jordan Tick
2 Pancake Picasso Alec Foster, Jack Urbanek, Jake Tesler, Sergio Claure
3 Opsis Ryan Kim, Jaeho Bang, Jonathan Appiagyei, Paul Pan
4 Laura Coln Wee, Vivek Sridhr, Abhinand Sukumr, Madisn Scott
5 Tinkl Vasu Agrawal, Eric Fang, Matthew Lee, Joel Loo
6 Pill Popper Aishwarya Prem Renu, Isaac Manjarres, Karthic Palaniappan, Ashwin Raghavachari
7 Project Third Eye Chi Chen, Dan Cheng, Qifang Cai, Ryan Lam
8 Lumberjack Nick Kosarek, Zach Newman, Cortney Padua, Kiran Pandit
9 Project Smart Sleeper Doo Won Kang, Patrick Glinsman, Eric Hu, Kerolos Mikaeil
10 SteamFi John Bird, Evans Hauser, Selin Sirinterlikci, Nick Wilson
11 Smart Utility Pole Benjamin Crites, Anton Kuznetsov, Evan Lee, Hannah Tomio
12 Teletouch Chelsea Kwong, Cristian Vallejo, Lisa Yan, Rohan Jadvani
13 Project Runway Helen Cho, Amy Lin, Brian Ho
14 Praxicam Hannah Ng, Paul Chun, Susan Zuo, Tuan Anh Le
15 PSTR Nikhil Nilakantan, Adit Namdev, Tony Jin, Benson Zhang
16 Finer Dining Alina Rath, Hari Guduru, Mark Fernandez, Varun Prakasam
17 RLColor Evan Adkins, Evi Bernitsas, Christopher Chong, Malik Parker
18 Slap Screen Steven Connors, Mark McElwaine, Brandon Schmuck, Alyssa Chang, Nikhita Vanwari
19 Minnesoda Stephen Chung, Brian Li, Kevin Lee, Vincent Liu
20 UrbanSense Riya Savla, Ridhi Suruna, Chris Wei, Aatish Nayak
21 Occulow Terence Sun, Udaya Malik, Jacob Brooks, Preetam Amancharla
22 AcoustiCam Brian Cao, Andrew Feng, Rishi Khanna, Alan Wang
23 Mike’s Magic Meme Mirror Jason Mayorga, Joshua Cho, Zach Piscitelli, Hekai Yue

Past Projects (Spring 2016)

Team # Project Name Team Members
1 Snorlax Ameya Kamat, Benson Qiu, Harsha Chivukula, Pratik Prakash
2 Scribe Dillon Lareau, Jane Threefoot, Nitsan Shai and Gabe Hobeika
3 Acoustic Phantom Chia Dai, Anson Wang, Yiru Yao, Sheryl Zhang
4 IntelliDrive Tom Eliot (tke), Shepard Emerson (semerson), Daniel Gorziglia (dgorzigl), Daniel Haddox (dhaddox)
5 Touch Ilter Canberk, Kaan Dogrusoz, Xavier Contreras, Raghav Gupta
6 Chroma Makeup Printer Jenna Maccarley, Jin Bing Lin, Udgeetha Mallampalli, Nandini Ramakrishnan
7 AutoPot Raymond Xu, Anny Ni, Grace Lee, Edwin Cho
8 Catan-omous Dealer Connie Wang, Omer Elhiraika, Katherine Wang, Kenneth Li
9 osu!Gosu Matthew Du, Victor Hu, Kevin Kuan, Yue Li
10 BØDTLE - Your Hydration Companion Cathy Song, Hao Yang, Sijia Zhang, Robert Chen
11 Little Brother Alex Maeda, Ramsey Natour, Manuel Diaz Corrada, Tom Mayo-Smith
12 Perception Baek Kyoum Kim, Yassine Mouline, Rishi Ved, Michael Solomon
13 OuiCan - Reduce our waste together Omar Skalli, Karim Elmaaroufi, Christi Martin, Santo Ko
14 Bike Project Vishnu Razdan, Marc-Daniel Julien, Jeffrey He, Francisco Rojo
15 Augmented Reality Pool Zachary Dawson, Audrey Yeoh, Kevin Xu, Ryan Chapman
16 Mission Possible Jes Stayton, Vruti Sivakumaran, Jingxu Yang, Kashish Mittal
17 Rita Ian Glasner, Theodore Warhoe, Ram Verma, Arulnithi Sundaramoorthy
18 Watchdog Karen Jung, Minjae (MJ) Shin, SeongYeon (Alice) Park, Won Chung, Kyuin Lee
19 Express Basket Norman Ponte, Andrew Orobator, Parag Srivastava
20 Low Power Rangers Clayton Ritcher, Nora Shoemaker, Shashwat Srivastava
21 Ghostwriter Jake Stephens, Matthew Mercedes, Lucas Bruder
22 We Talkin' About Practice Brian Kim, Sheen Lueh, Jason Yan
23 BlankSpace Sarah Kwan, Ryan Montgomery, Junha Shin