Your Hydration Companion

CMU 18-549 Capstone Project

Cathy Song
Hao Yang
Sijia Zhang
Robert Chen

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Bødtle is a retrofit device that users can attach on any water bottle to keep track of their water consumption levels and hydration habits throughout the day.


The body’s needs for water is unrelenting. Consuming an adequate amount of water everyday is necessary and important to ensure that the body has enough water to carry out its many functions such as regulating body temperature and maintaining nutrient metabolism. Despite the importance of drinking water, studies reveal that almost two thirds of Americans do not drink enough water on a regular basis. Currently, many products exist on the market to monitor a user’s fitness patterns throughout the day to encourage people to be more active and on the move but few products exist that encourage users to also maintain and develop healthy water drinking habits. Bødtle aims to remedy this problem.

How does Bødtle work?

Bødtle uses a sensor unit that the user can attach to his water bottle that can detect the quantity of water the user is consuming throughout the day. Bødtle also features a mobile application which interfaces with the sensor unit to track and display information regarding the user’s water consumption. Users can use the mobile application to set goals for how much water they would like to drink in a day and the mobile application will deliver push notifications to the user at appropriate times throughout the day to remind him to drink enough water in order to reach that goal.

Competitive Analysis


Sensor Unit (SU)

  • The SU shall be composed of the following parts:
    • sensor(s) to detect water level or flow
    • a battery unit
    • an led to signal battery charge
    • a bluetooth module to communicate with the App
  • The SU shall communicate with the mobile app over bluetooth to supply the following information:
    • reading corresponding to water amount or flow
  • The SU shall measure water consumption within 20% error
  • The SU shall measure no more than 2” inches wide and 2” inches long
  • The SU shall fit under a water bottle cap
  • The SU shall be removable
  • The SU shall have low power consumption
  • The SU shall be rechargeable

Mobile App (App)

  • The App shall communicate with the SU over bluetooth to pull the data specified above
  • The App shall display real time information about the user’s liquid consumption
  • The App shall store and show past liquid consumption
  • The App shall notify/remind users at appropriate times to drink more liquids
  • The App shall use minimal battery usage
  • The App shall be able to detect refills from sensor data