Ever see a color that you wanted to replicate?

RLColor combines color sensing technology and paint mixing in order to create everyday real life colors. Our product lets you pick and choose colors that you see in everyday life and replicate them in paint or in a pen.



Current competitors only solve a small portion of the problem.

No product on the market allows for at-home sensing and creation of colors. None.



Whether you are an art student who needs a vast array of colors at your service, an interior designer wanting to test different color schemes, someone who likes to paint or draw, or someone who likes fountain pens, RLColor is the product for you. With the ability to create many different types of colors, RLColor can save you a huge amount of time, money, and effort to create the colors that you will want.



The NIX color sensor

The NIX color sensor is powerful color sensor that allows for extreme accuracy of color picking. However, its cost ($350) and bulkiness for a sensor causes it to be rather unhelpful, especially since it only operates as a sensor instead of a color creator.

The Chroma Makeup printer

The Chroma Makeup printer is a device created by an earlier group in 18-549 that allowed for printing of makeup. However, it was a rather large project and was only able to create a certain amount of colors, rather than the large set of colors we are able to create.

The Scribblepen

The Scribblepen is the closest out of our competitors to us. However, its notority for lack of proof of concept as well as its extremely low cost based on estimates we made through research for parts cause us to believe that this project has not left the ground in the past several years.













Evan Adkins Evi Bernitsas Christopher Chong Malik Parker

We are a group of senior electrical and computer engineers from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh. We noted recent advances in color mixing technology and wanted to bring a more realistic set of colors to professional and amateur artists.

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