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Food Management Made Easy

Awareness is Key

According to a recent report by the World Resources Institute and the UNEP, approximately one-third of all food produced worldwide is either lost or wasted. In the US alone, about 20 pounds of fresh food per person is tossed out every month, and most consumers do not realize the significant amount they contribute to the high percentages of food wasted on a daily basis. The OuiCan system allows consumers to easily keep track of the varying expiration dates of the food in their household and make economic shopping decisions using the OuiCan iOS app.

Beating the Existing Competition


  • Add-on gadget
  • Helps users construct grocery list
  • Utilizes speech recognition
  • Does not manage or keep track of available food
  • Not suited for food waste management or economic shopping


  • Smart trashcan
  • Built-in vacuum cleaner
  • Intended for easy kitchen cleaning
  • Sends reminders to take garbage out
  • Not designed for tracking and control of waste production


  • Self-powered, industrial sized, outdoor trashcan
  • Intended for organizations and agencies
  • Solution for collecting trash volume and frequency information
  • Not suitable for household use

Our Vision

The OuiCan System strives to solve the global food waste problem by providing consumers an efficient method of tracking the groceries and garbage flowing in and out of their homes to help them make educated shopping decisions. The system is comprised of a smart trashcan housing an embedded system and sensor network to detect and analyze your discarded items and update the inventory of groceries remaining in your home via the OuiCan iOS application.