Today's world is a technology driven one, and it's easy to forget about the many difficult and time-consuming processes that went into developing something as simple as a photograph or film. We are developing this project as a tribute to the ingenuity of film and animation from the older days.


We hope to present an alternative and unique way to record moments of life.

People often capture moments in their life through their camera, but only get to relive them through the small screen on their phones. With Praxicam, we can make that moment come alive again by bringing that experience into the real world, supplementing it with lights and sounds that enrich the whole experience.

Praxicam will be a whole ecosystem to capture and relive past moments. Using the Praxicam app on your phone, you will be able to capture these moments. The app will process the moment, save it, as well give the user the option to print it out onto a paper reel. These paper animation reels can then by inserted into the
Praxicam Live device which will play the reel and allow you to relive your memories.

Praxicam Live consists of various parts, namely a motor box which contains the different components (eg. raspberry pi, PCB, printer, power source etc.), that will be at the base of the main unit. The animation sheet would also be printed directly from the printer and can be immediately inserted into the wheel.


Current competitors include companies whose aim is to either Develop a version of the original Praxinoscope or Develop old-style photos or modernize animations for the everyday user.


What should the Praxicam do?



1 App shall open the phone’s camera and take a series of pictures.
2 App shall be able to format the pictures in the correct order.
3 App shall be able to allow user to select a sound/song to encode.
4 App shall be able to communicate with a Raspberry Pi.
5 Pi shall be able to communicate with the Thermal Printer.
6 Thermal Printer shall print the pictures in the correct order.


7 IR sensor shall read the encoded data on the animation reel.
8 Praxinoscope shall be able to spin at a constant rate.


1 Praxinoscope shall allow easy change of animation reel.
2 Praxinoscope shall allow easy alignment of animation reel.
3 Praxinoscope shall allow easy attachment and detachment of animation reel.



1 Praxinoscope motor shall be able to turn the Praxinoscope wheel.


1 Printed animation reel shall be long enough to fill the circumference of the Praxinoscope wheel.



1 Praxinoscope should have lights that are synced with the animation/sound.
2 Praxinoscope should allow user to control the speed of the animation.


1 Praxinoscope shall look flashy and gimmicky and all-round trippy!

Technical Specifications

What makes a Praxicam?
As we begin production of the Praxicam, we will continually update this section as we develop each individual part.


These are the major components used to build Praxicam.


Here's how we've been progressing on Praxicam throughout the semester.


The brawn and brains behind Praxicam.

Susan Zuo
Paul Chun
Tuan Anh Le
Hannah Ng