18-642 Embedded System Software Engineering

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Fall 2022 | Prof. Philip Koopman
Carnegie Mellon University, ECE Department

Fall 2022 Notes: Class weekly Thursday 6:30-9:20 PM US ET; delivery mode is "Remote Only (REO)"; fully inverted mode (primary lectures pre-recorded; weekly class meeting is for discussion and special presentations). Synchronous attendance at the on-line weekly class meeting is required. Class meetings will not be recorded under any circumstance.

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Fall 2022
Lecture Date
Lecture Slides
For reference
Video Lectures
Due on Wednesday night;
(AV lectures due Sunday night)
Due on Following Monday Night
Group Exercise
Due on Following Wednesday Night
Due on Following Friday Night
  Classes Start Project 1 intro video is playable on Canvas assignment page.     Proj #1 (Startup)
Due Fri 2-Sep-2022
Week 1
1 Course Topics Overview Embedded Software
Code Quality,
Safety, Security

(44 min)
HW #01
Self Intro
(DUE Wed 31-Aug-2022)
  Proj #2 (Initial Cleanup)
Due Fri 9-Sep-2022
  2 Admin Info Course Overview & Administrative Matters
(Video on Canvas only)
(40 min)
HW #02
Computer Safety Literacy Stories; slide & video
(DUE Tue 6-Sep-2022)
  3 SW Process SW Process
(49 min)
HW #03 Software Process
Due Thu 12-Sep-2022
  100 (See Canvas for important information about this assignment) AV: Look Who's Driving
(54 min) (PBS Nova)
Overview of Automated Vehicle Terminology and J3016 Levels
(No quiz on Canvas)
AV: Overview of Automated Vehicle Terminology and J3016 Levels
(20 min)
  Live: Discuss: Q&A on course policy & content Discuss: Self-intro Part 1 (HW #1) Fill out weekly survey after class each week.    
  Labor Day
No office hours
Week 2
4 Code Style for Humans Code Style for Humans
(15 min)
    Proj #3 (Code Style)
Due 16-Sep-2022
5 Code Style for Compilers Code Style for Compilers
(21 min)
  6 Peer Reviews Peer Reviews
(33 min)
  GP Ex #06
Peer Review Exercise
  7 Spaghetti Code Spaghetti
(18 min)
HW #7 Spaghetti Code    
  Live: 6:30 PM Guest:
Jackie Erickson
Finish Self-Intro/
Peer Review Exercise
Week 3
8 Global Variables Globals
(13 min)
    Proj #4 (Group Peer Review & Display Change)
Due 23-Sep-2022
  9 Requirements Requirements
(24 min)
HW #9 Turtle Requirements GP Ex #09
Alarm Clock Requirements
  10 Stack Overflow Stack Overflow
(8 min + optional videos)
  11 Toyota UA Case Study Toyota UA
(60 min)
HW #11 Case Study    
  Live: Guest: 6:30 PM
Beth Osyk, Seegrid
Discuss: HW #3, HW #7 Guest 7:30 PM:
Charles Shelton, Bosch
Discuss: HW #2 (failure stories)  
Week 4
12 Software Architecture and HLD Software Architecture and HLD
(15 min)
  GP Ex #12: Alarm clock
Sequence Diagrams
Proj #5 (Refactor & Design)
Due 30-Sep-2022
  13 Statecharts Statecharts
(19 min)
HW #13 Turtle Robot Statechart    
  14 Traceability Traceability
(11 min)
  101 AV: Software Safety for Vehicle Automation -- Intro AV: Software Safety for Vehicle Automation -- Intro
(10 min)
  Live: Guest 6:30 PM
Christopher SanGiovanni, Joby Aviation
Discuss: HW #9 Guest 7:30 PM
Finch Fulton, Locomation
Week 5
15 Testing Overview Testing Overview
(20 min)
  GP Ex #16: Alarm clock
Proj #6 (Redesign SD and Requirements)
Due 7-Oct-2022
  16 Unit Testing Unit Testing
(18 min)
HW #16 Test Design    
  17 Integration Testing Integration Testing
(15 min)
18 System Level Test System Level Test
(18 min)
  Live: 6:30 PM Guest:
Michael Lucido, GM
Discuss: GP #12    
Week 6
19 Date & Time Date & Time
(26 min)
HW #19 Time Stories GP #p05 Peer Review Proj 5 Proj #7 (Redesign Statechart and Code)
Due 27-Oct-2022
  20 Race Conditions Concurrency & Race Conditions
(21 min)
HW #20 Mid-Semester Cumulative Review HW
(Start early! Due after break)
  21 SQA Isn't Testing SQA Isn't Testing
(13 min)
  22 Software Maintenance Software Maintenance
(15 min)
  Live:   Discuss: GP #16 Guest 7:30 PM
Reilly Brennan, Trucks.VC
Week 7
23 Key Metrics Key Metrics
(13 min)
  GP #p06 Peer Review of Proj 6
(due after break)
  24 Lifcycle & CM Lifecycle & CM
(19 min)
  25 Floating Point Pitfalls Floating Point Pitfalls
(17 min)
HW #25 Floating Point (due after break)    
  102 AV: Validating Machine Learning-Based Systems AV: Validating Machine Learning-Based Systems
(30 min)
  Live:   7:30PM Guest:
Sagar Behere, Foretellix
8:15 PM Guest:
Special Guest
  No Class
Mid-semester break
No office Hours all week
Week 8
26 Safety Overview Software Safety Overview
(16 min)
HW #27 Dependability GP #p07 Peer Review of Proj 7 Proj #8 (Static Analysis, Build)
Due 4-Nov-2022
  27 Dependability Dependability
(19 min)
  28 Critical Systems Critical Systems
(21 min)
  29 Safety Plans Safety Plan
(26 min)
  Live: Guest 6:30 PM:
Mallory Graydon, NASA LARC
Retrospective Q&A NTSB Hearing Intro (6 min)
Fri 28-Oct   Tartan Community Day
No office hours
      Free one-day extension for project (already included in Canvas due date)
Week 9
30 Single Points of Failure Single Points of Failure
(17 min)
HW #38 Security Stories 1 GP #p08 Peer Review of Proj 8 Proj #9 (Unit Test part 1)
Due 11-Nov-2022
  31 Safety Requirements Safety Requirements
(17 min)
  32 Critical System Isolation Critical System Isolation
(17 min)
  103 AV: SOTIF and Edge Cases AV: SOTIF and Edge Cases
(31 min)
  Live: Guest 6:30 PM:
Nat Beuse, Aurora
Discuss: Time stories      
Week 10
33 Redundancy Managment Redundancy Management
(20 min)
HW #39 Security Stories 2 GP #P09 Peer Review of Proj 9 Proj #10 (Unit Test part 2 & Runtime Monitor part 1)
Due 18-Nov-2022
  34 Data Integrity Data Integrity
(29 min)
  104 AV: Implications of Removing the Human Driver AV: Implications of Removing the Human Driver
(32 min)
  105 AV: Safety Architectures AV: Safety Architectures
(28 min)
  Live: Guest 6:30 PM:
Ensar Becic, NTSB
Discuss: Security stories  Guest 7:30 PM:
Amitai Bin-Nun, Motional
Week 11
35 Cryptography Cryptography
(33 min)
HW #40 End of Semester Cumulative Review
(Must be completed -- due last week of class)
GP #P10 Peer Review of Proj 10
Due Monday 28 Nov
Proj #11 (Runtime Monitor part 2)
Due Tuesday 29 Nov
36 Security Plans Security Plan
(29 min)
  37 Security Threats Security Threats
(24 min)
  Live: Guest 6:30 PM:
Deborah Prince, Underwriters Laboratories Standards & Engagement
Discuss: Security Stories Guest 7:30 PM:
Vance Hilderman, AFuzion
Week 12
  No Class Meeting Thanksgiving Break   GP #P11 Peer Review of Proj 11
Due Mon 05-Dec-2022
Proj #12 (Final Hand-in)
Due 12-Dec-2022
      Do yourself a favor and finish rest of course lectures THIS week. Work on HW #40 this week.    
24-26 Nov   No Office Hours Wed-Fri this week Thanksgiving Break      
Week 13
38 Security Vulnerabilities Security Vulnerabilities
(29 min)
    Continue Working on Proj #12
  39 Security Mitigation & Validation Security Mitigation & Validation
(34 min)
  40 Security Pitfalls Security Pitfalls
(24 min)
(This includes a review of previous concepts)
  Live: Guest 6:30 PM:
Stephen Thomas, NVIDIA
Guest 7:30 PM:
Barbara Czerny, Aptiv
Week 14
106 AV: How Safe Is Safe Enough? AV: How Safe Is Safe Enough?
(21 min)
    Continue Working on Proj #12
  107 AV: Building Trust AV: Building Trust
(14 min)
  108 AV: Getting to Deployed + Safe AV: Getting to Deployed + Safe
(14 min)
  Live: Retrospective Q&A        
No Class Meeting
  Please do end-of semester (W15) weekly survey after Project 12 hand-in.   Proj #12 (Final Hand-in)
Sat17-Dec-2022   Last day to hand in late assignments. No extensions past this date without an "Incomplete" grade request in writing.      
Supplemental lectures (optional enrichment material):

Supplemental materials: