Alejandro’s Status Report for 3/25

First, I had to work on the ethics assignment with my team.

After that, I decided to make the front end of the website look even better. I made sure we were only using Bootstrap and barely any CSS so that resizing the window would not affect the look of the website. I also had to made sure to add code so that our backend is able to read in the values set by the user in the form when selecting a clef, time signature and audio file. Before, our code was not able to read in these values correctly and now this should be fixed. This information will be sent to the rhythm and pitch processors. I also added the copyright footer to our website.


Finally, I had to write code in the file that allows the backend to send all the correct information to the front end so that we can utilize it with VexFlow to display the music sheet. This required me to make some changes to the integrator like we talked about in the team weekly status report. I changed the integrator from being in python to happening in the javascript part of our code since there was a bug where apparently sending a list containing a class from python to javascript would not work. Therefore, now we just send to the javascript the pitches and the rhythm output and call our integration function in javascript.

I also made sure that Vexflow is able to display correctly in the front-end the clef and the time signature. 

Finally, I made sure that the integration system was working properly. It seems that it is now able to produce an output of notes, which means we should be able to test it next.

I would say my progress is on schedule.


Next week we will be focusing on testing the integration system as well as the other systems. We should also get started on the SNR rejection system if time allows. 


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