Alejandro’s Status Report for 4/22

During this week it has been mainly looking at testing, which means playing audio files and seeing how they were being transcribed. For example, I created a function to make sure that the right amount of notes were being played in a certain stave such that the total duration of the notes were not longer than the duration of the stave since this was an issue we were having. Another issue we were having is the time signature started displaying all the time 3/8, and I fixed it so that it now displays the time signature selected by the user.

I have also been trying to fix the generating PDF issue since Kumar was not able to implement it, and I have also been finding it challenging. It seems like as normally you could just use jsPDF to get into a PDF a certain div element. And I tested this with a simple div containing a sentence and it could generate a PDF containing that header. However, when we add to the PDF  the div which contains the SVG element created by VexFlow it will display all blank. We will have to look into different libraries.

We might be a little behind due to this PDF issue, but if it does not work I do not think it is worth stressing too much over since it’s not a very important feature for our project to generate a PDF in my opinion.

For next week it will be mostly testing, work on PDF issue, and get final papers done.

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