Team Status Report for 4/29

No major design changes were required to be done to our system. 

One of the major risks is that we have realized that songs being played at varying tempos are not transcribed correctly sometimes, for example our transcription might skip over some notes if it is being played too fast.

We have been focusing on testing our system for the major part of the week and these are the tests that have been performed. 

SNR Tests 

Added white noise to audio signal to see how it would affect the transcription of the audio. Kept increasing the amount of noise such that SNR values would be decreased, and see what might be the best SNR value to reject audios at. 

Pitch Tests

Looking at the output of our pitch processor we can determine whether there have been detected any incorrect pitches. We can get the pitch accuracy by dividing the number of correct notes over the total amount of notes. If the percentage is greater than or equal to 95 that would be a successful test. Otherwise, it would fail the test. 

Rhythm Tests

Looking at the output of the rhythm processor we can determine the amounts of notes and rests detected. The output is an array of 1s and 0s. As soon as there is a 0 that means a rest has occurred. Otherwise a note is being played. We count the number of notes that it has detected and the number of rests. We wanted the accuracy to be greater than or equal to 90% for a test to pass, otherwise it would fail.

Some results for 3 songs can be seen in the table below:

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