Team Status Report 4/22

Our primary design changes is the note formatting step. We decided that to increase robustness of the project, all the code that parses the durations of the Note structures in order to make them readable by Vexflow would occur in the back-end, after the notes have been integrated but before sending them to the front-end. It access the user-input data, specifically the time-signature, to mathematically determine how each note would be represented in the desired out. For example, this step a note of duration 1 beat would be represented by a quarter-note if the time signature is 4/4 but an eighth note if the time signature is 3/8.


We’ve encountered a recurring issue when it comes to testing, where audios recorded using an iPhone are considered unreadable by the scipy We’re considering using the librosa library to read audio files instead. We also are facing an issue with figuring out how to download the transcript in PDF form. jspdf is giving us too many issues and we’re looking at alternatives.


For the next 2 weeks, we will be focusing exclusively on testing. This involves quantitative testing regarding the note and rhythm accuracy. This week we will start asking peer musicians for a score out of 10 as well.


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