Introduction & Project Summary

Acapella is a collaborative audio recording website for ensembles of multiple musicians who cannot record together in person. Users will be able to create projects, invite collaborators, set a tempo and time signature, and record their instruments at the same time using a built-in computer microphone or external audio interface. Acapella will handle the synchronization by placing everyone’s recordings together, aligned with a click track. Users may also make small edits like adjusting the volume of different instruments. Finally, recordings and project data will be stored on a web server, allowing users to record without taking up space locally.

Weekly Status Reports

Team Status Report for 5/8

This week Christy sorted out cloud deployment and has gotten our site online at:¬† There are still things to debug however, namely configuring things in Https as certain functions in the Web AudioAPI don’t seem to work with Http. Unfortunately, as this is central to recording and monitoring, it also means that we haven’t gotten …