Ivy’s Status Report for 5/8

This week I worked on final integrations and testing our web app. Since Christy figured out how to get librosa on the cloud, I’ve reverted back to using that for syncing. One of the changes I had to make now was to have the syncing iterate through all the files attributed to the group , as we’ve change our project to let all group members upload their recorded audio first, so that all tracks could be displayed on the webpage for users to listen to first before deciding which ones to keep and sync.

Other than that, what’s left is allowing users to download their finished recordings off the webpage. I’d like to have an option of merging all tracks down to one audio file, but right now it seems easiest to download all tracks as separate audio files. Finally, I’m putting together a tutorial about how to use our website. After conferring with some test users, it seems the recording can be a little complicated, so I think it would be nice to have an instruction manual of sorts. In the next few days, I will be working on our poster. I’d like to have it our final presentation materials done before Monday as I have a file on that day :’)

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