Christy’s Status Report for 5/8

This week, i have been working on deploying our application using AWS. I had configuration issues while dealing with Apache WebServer. However, I corrected the configuration, and our website works in http.

One of other deployment issues I faced is that one of our API only works in https setting. I do not have experience with https, so I have been following tutorials. What I have done so far is buying a domain name from AWS using 53 Route (our domain name is, issuing SSL certificate (ACM type) for the domain name within AWS, and using load balancer to redirect http to https. This approach has failed. My assumption is that load balancer somehow fails with apache webserver configuration because SSL does match domain name of the load balancer. So next, approach I took is to issue SSl certififace from 3rd party website and to install the SSL certificate within Apache Configuration. This way, we do not need to utilize AWS load balancer to redirect our traffic. I continue work on this second approach to make it work in https setting

It took me a while to understand Apache Configuration and AWS Load Balancer. It was especially difficult because i was not sure where the error was coming from except for the error.log.  I will also work on creating demo video for our website.

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