Team Status Report for 5/8

This week Christy sorted out cloud deployment and has gotten our site online at: There are still things to debug however, namely configuring things in Https as certain functions in the Web AudioAPI don’t seem to work with Http. Unfortunately, as this is central to recording and monitoring, it also means that we haven’t gotten to testing our latency over the web right now.

Additionally, because of some changes in the upload process on our webpage, we are updating our syncing on the backend to run with all the files in the group instead of one at a time. Another thing that remains is giving the users the ability to download all all their tracks. This can be easily implemented by giving users permission to download each track, however we would like there to be an option of mixing down all the tracks and exporting them as one.

In the next two days, we will be finishing up these tasks and working on our final poster and video due Monday night.

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