Kumar Status Report 4/8

This week I continued working on the backend for the PDF button. One of the issues is that the documentation is not very clear on using the jspdf library to write html code into a pdf file. I thought I was able to implement it, but the method had been deprecated (fromHTML) so now I’m trying to use doc.html to write it. Another issue is that the flow of figuring out how to write this in the code since all the information in our html div gets lost after the program is done running – but the pdf button should be able to be clicked after the sheet music is generated. I might need Alejandro’s help in resolving this.

The other issue we faced was the .wav file not being accepted by our code. I spent a while trying to debug this issue in the method we use to read in the .wav files and clean the file. However, we weren’t able to resolve this and seemed to get lucky – as Alejandro was able to record a file “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” that was accepted by the code.

So far, we have tested our app on short musical audios. We plan on running this on Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, as well as taking in user feedback from musicians who know what the sheet music should look and sound like for an audio. I am designing this form and will send it out by next week. Personally, the front-end has all the requirements we need – and I am working as described on the pdf generation and perhaps a user login page. This is the individual prompt.

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