Kumar Status Report 3/18

My role this week was more of that of assisting my team-mates with their tasks. Our front-end app is coming along  nicely, so I transitioned to helping my team-mates with the backend work.

I planned out the HTTP response containing note information that we needed, so Aditya was able to use this while starting to work with Vexflow. I tried what Aditya already outlined, downloading the library with npm and manually, but this didn’t work for either of us, so we used a script tag.

I resolved a major bug on the front-end where we were having an issue with the MIME type of the Javascript, as the browser was unable to read the file being sent to it when trying to display the notes in Vexflow. This was an issue with the typescript and javascript integration, and was able to resolve it by simply moving the factory class in our javascript file to the bottom of the file.

I would say my progress is on schedule. I am going to be helping Alejandro with the rhythm and pitch processor integration next week, and taking a lead again on the CSS and look of the web app interface.

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