Alejandro’s Status Report for 3/18

First of all, I restructured the whole structure of our djangoapp application. The reason is we had created a lot of unncessary django applications for every subset of our app. So for example we had created a django application for our rhythm processor, one for our pitch processor etc. We do not need all these applications, just one for the music transcription application. Therefore, I deleted some folders and files, changed some import statements to handle the new structure,  and made it look cleaner.

I also created a django form called “AudioForm” which will allow the user to select the user-defined values in the front-end. These include the audio file, the type of clef, and the time signature.  This is how it looks…

I also made sure that the rhythm processor is able to handle audio files that contain more than a single channel. Since the rhythm processor is mainly looking for onset signals, I converted the several multiple-channel array into a 1D array. I iterated through each of the channels value at a specific instance and decided to just keep the value with the greatest absolute value and append it to the 1D array of the audio data that will be looked at to detect onsets. 

I would say my progress is on schedule.

Next week I plan to focus on writing code for the integration of the pitch and rhythm processor, as well as adding some styling to the front end of the website since it currently contains no CSS.




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