Alejandro’s Status Report for 3/11

This week I looked into what best parameters might be used for the rhythm processor to detect the onset peaks in an audio signal. The function find_peaks from SciPy can take in several parameters and we think that the best parameters to be utilized for our rhythm processor will be the peak distance parameter and the height parameter.

The peak distance parameter will be set to that of our time interval window so that it only looks for a maximum of one onset at the current window. Since we are iterating with a sliding window approach through our signal in our rhythm processor, we do not need to look for more than one peak at a current window. 

The height parameter is currently set to a certain number that I found to be the lowest value when playing a note based on multiple audios. However, in the future we might have to play around with this value when testing the system to try to maximize the performance of the rhythm processor based on different inputs. 

After that, my team and I mainly focused on writing the design document for the project. 

I think our progress might be a little behind overall, due to our team facing sick days and having heavy work from other classes. However, our other classes should hopefully get a little better on the coming weeks allowing us to catch up, and I think we will be fine based on timelines. 

For next week me and Aditya will be focusing on the integration of the rhythm and pitch processors.

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