18-642 Embedded System Software Engineering

Fall 2018
Carnegie Mellon University, ECE Department

Prof. Philip Koopman

Lectures: Thu 5:30-9:20PM. Location: TBD
Recitation: Friday 12:30-2:20. Rec A: TBD / Rec B: TBD

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Fall 2018
Lecture Date
Live Lecture
Recorded Lecture
Students -- View on Canvas
BEFORE lecture this week.
In-Class Exercise Homeworks
Due Following
Wednesday Night
Due Following
Friday Night
30-Aug-2018 1 Admin Info     C01: Self Intro
Complete in class 30-Aug
HW #1
Due 5-Sep
Proj #1
Due 31-Aug
Week 1 2 SW Process       HW #2
Due 5-Sep
  3   Course Topics Overview
View video & do canvas quiz
BEFORE class 30-Aug
Embedded Software
Code Quality,
Safety, Security
  HW #3
Due 5-Sep
31-Aug   Recitation 1         Proj #2
Due 7-Sep
6-Sep 4 Statecharts     C04: Statechart HW #4 Due Sep 12  
Week 2 5 Requirements     C05: Requirements HW #5  
  6   Human Coding Style Code Style/Humans   HW #6  
  7   Language Coding Style Code Style/Language   No HW #7  
  Visitor: Nikhil Kumar
Rohde & Schwarz
7-Sep   Recitation 2     Discuss HW #3   Proj #3
Due 14-Sep
13-Sep 8 Peer Reviews   Peer Reviews C08: Peer Review No HW #8  
Week 3 9 Unit Testing     C09: Test design HW #9  
  10   Global Variables Globals   HW #10  
  11   Spaghetti Code Spaghetti   HW #11  
  Visitor: Paul Adam
General Motors
Automated Driving & Active Safety Group
14-Sep   Recitation 3     Lightning Round:
HW #6 Answers
  Proj #4
Due 21-Sep
20-Sep Extra Lecture Autonomous vehicle robustness testing        
Week 4 Extra Lecture   Autonomous Vehicle Perception Safety (See Canvas for Video assignment.)   ObXkcd  
12   Toyota UA Case Study Toyota UA C12: Self Driving Car Safety HW #12  
  13   Stack Overflow Stack Overflow   No HW  
  Visitor: Dave Guttendorf, National Robotics Engineering Center, Robot Stress Testing            
21-Sep   Recitation 4     Lightning Round:
HW #10-3; #11-2a&b
  Proj #5
Due 28-Sep
27-Sep 14 HLD & Architecture     C14 Sequence Diagram HW #14  
Week 5 15 Integration Testing     C15 Another SD HW #15  
  16   Testing & Quality Testing & Quality   HW #16  
  17   System Level Test System Level Test   No HW  
  Visitor: Kun Li, KeyTech            
28-Sep   Recitation 5     Lightning Round:
HW #12-4
  Proj #6
Due 5-Oct
4-Oct 18 SQA Isn't Testing     C18 Quality Metrics    
Week 6 19 Lifcycle & CM     C19 Version Proliferation    
  20   Traceability Traceability   HW #20 (Exam Prep)  
  21   Date & Time Date & Time C21 Counter Rollover HW #21
(Due week after exam)
  Special topic: regulation & litigation of automotive software defects            
5-Oct   Recitation 6     Discuss HWs #14-16  
11-Oct -- Exam Review (Lectures #2-20)
Based on HW #20 questions
Week 7 => Exam #1 <=====   (Covers Lectures #1-20)    
12-Oct   Recitation 7         Proj #7
Due 18-Oct & 26-Oct
18-Oct 22 Floating Point Pitfalls     C22 NaN Handling Example HW #22  
Week 8 23   Process Key Metrics Key Metrics    
  24   Maintenance Maintenance      
  -- Date & Time Stories (HW #21)          
  Visitor: Simon Wang, Lutron Field failure investigation case study          
19-Oct   No Recitation Mid-Semester Break        
25-Oct 25 Dependability   Dependability C25 Serial & Parallel Examples HW #25  
Week 9 26 Critical Systems   Critical Systems C26 Critical Systems HW #26  
  27   Safety Overview Software Safety Overview      
  28   Race Conditions Concurrency & Race Conditions     Proj #8
Due 2-Nov
  Visitor: Mike Wagner, Edge Case Research            
26-Oct   No Recitation 2018 ONLY --
Presidential Inauguration
  Discuss HW #22
(Skip for 2018)
1-Nov 29   Safety Plan & Standards Safety Plan C29 Safety Techniques    
Week 10 30 Safety Requirements   Safety Requirements C30 Safety Reqts HW #30  
31 Single Points of Failure Single Points of Failure      
  Visitors: Frank Menchaca, SAE International
AND Jack Weast, Intel Autonomous Driving
2-Nov   Recitation 10     Discuss HW #25, #26   Proj #9
Due 9-Nov
8-Nov 32   SIL Isolation SIL Isolation      
33 Data Integrity     C33 CRC Selection    
Week 11 34   Redundancy Managment Redundancy Management      
  35   Safety Architecture Patterns Safety Architecture Patterns C34 Redundancy patterns    
9-Nov   Recitation 11     Discuss HW #30   Proj #10
Due 30-Nov
15-Nov 36   Cryptography Cryptography      
Week 12 37 Security Threats          
  38   Security Plan Security Plan   HW #38  
  39 Security Vulnerabilities     C39 Project Peer Reviews    
16-Nov   Office Hours only / no recitation          
22-Nov   No Lecture Thanksgiving Break        
23-Nov   No recitation Thanksgiving Break        
29-Nov 40 Security Mitigation & Validation       HW #40
(Exam Prep)
Week 13 41   Security Pitfalls Security Pitfalls
(This includes a review of previous concepts)
  Security Failure Stories (HW #38)            
30-Nov   Office Hours only / no recitation     Proj #10 Status Check    
6-Dec   Exam Review (Lectures #21-41)
Based on HW #40 questions
Week 14 => Exam #2 <=====        
7-Dec   No Recitation          

* Videos Note:
Many videos ARE NOT IDENTICAL to the course lecture. Be SURE to look at the slide files for studying, and ask questions about anything you're unsure about in class. Always use the slide handouts to determine the lecture content. Supplemental slides for on-line lectures will be discussed in class as appropriate. Many videos are YouTube playlists, so there are multiple video segments that should be watched in sequence. (You can get a pointer to a single video for each lecture in the Canvas quiz assignment for that lecture.)