18-642 Course Policies

Fall 2019
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Course Staff:

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Assignment Expectations:

Academic Integrity:

Special circumstances and student wellness:

Use of student-written code and other work products:

The goal of this policy is to give us concrete, representative examples to talk about, and to minimize the temptation for students to copy code instead of learning via the process of developing their own software.

During the course of the semester we plan to use student-submitted code and other submitted material for homeworks and/or projects in a variety of ways. This may include:

In general we will NOT give credit to the student who originated the code or homework answer on the assumption that they would rather not be identified, since most uses of such code will be to point out opportunities for improvement. We will make our best effort to scrub identification of the code author before releasing code. If you would like to be given credit for a particular piece of code let us know and we'll be happy to do that.

We note that much of the code you'll be writing is based on code we've provided to you as a starting point to begin with. You are welcome to use the course code and your improvements in non-public projects. However, we request that you do not make the code public so as to avoid tempting future-year students to plagiarize your assignments. (Being so tempted is not a valid excuse to cheat.) We will be keeping records, and we will be checking student submissions for plagiarism.

By participating in this course you grant us a non-revocable license to use any code you write, homework you submit, and group assignments you complete for the course in ways consistent with this policy. If you object to this policy or have other concerns please let the course staff know the first week of class, and in any event before you submit an assignment for grading. If a special circumstance arises please contact the course staff immediately for resolution.

Other policies: