18-642 Project 4

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This project gives you hand-on experience with peer reviews. In your peer review groups, you will conduct a review of each member's code.

NOTE: in the previous project we let you skip a few checklist items. You should use the time before your peer review to FIX all these items. You do NOT get a free miss on those items this week.

Lab Files:

Hints/Helpful Links:


  1. Review the course slides about Peer Reviews. Remember the following guidelines:
  2. Schedule some time(s) to meet with your peer review group. Remember that you will spend about 30 minutes per project. (You will be tempted to go fast. If you do, likely you'll pay for it later with more bugs. Take the time to do a good review now.)
  3. Conduct a review for each of the four students in your group:
    1. Use of the project checklist is mandatory. Issues from the alternate industry checklist are optional. (We'll get back to those later, but for now keep it simple.)
    2. If you are reviewing Alice's code, assign Alice as the scribe. Alice should only say "OK" to indicate that an item has been recorded, or "thank you" during the review of her code.
    3. Assign someone (who is not the author of the code under review) to be the leader. Rotate this job. After one review per group member, everyone should have had a turn being the leader. The leader is in charge of:
      1. Picking the next few lines of code for everyone to concentrate on
      2. Making sure that all issues identified have been recorded before moving on
      3. Making sure everyone follows the process.
    4. Divide the checklist up into sections and assign one section to each of the reviewers to improve focus when looking at the code. (Any reviewer can note any problem, but each reviewer must look at each element in the assigned checklist portion for each section of code.) The leader can own one of the sections; the author cannot. If you only have three people in your review group split the list in half for the two non-authors.
    5. Project the code onto a surface that everyone can see at the same time.
    6. Fill out the peer review issue log as you perform the review. Remember, do not fix issues as they arise!
    7. Refer back to the Project 3 checklist to enforce style.
    8. Optional: additionally, you can assign reviewers items from: the alternate peer review checklist. However, the project 3 checklist items must also be addressed if you do this.
    9. Go through the code systematically -- be sure to talk about every line of the file.
  4. After the review, fix all the issues found with your code. We recommend having reviews BEFORE hand-in day to avoid a last minute time crunch.
  5. Answer the following questions in a short writeup:

Handin checklist:

There are TWO hand-ins for this assignment.

Individual hand-in: (every student hands this in solo):

  1. Your ANDREWID_student_turtle.cpp file with fixes, named p04_ANDREWID_student_turtle.cpp
  2. The completed peer review spreadsheet for your code including "status" column annotations: p04_review_[AndrewID]_[FamilyName]_[GivenName].xls. The majority of "status" should be "fixed" but other annotations are permissible if appropriate.
  3. Your writeup, named p04_writeup_[AndrewID]_[FamilyName]_[GivenName].pdf.

Zip these three files and submit them as Project04_[Andrew ID]_[Family name]_[First name].zip in the Project 4 (Individual) submission.

Group hand-in: (every group jointly hands in ONE copy of this):

  1. All of your peer review spreadsheets BEFORE any fixes have been done. Each one should be named p04_review_[AndrewID]_[FamilyName]_[GivenName].xls, and you should batch them together in a zip file to hand in rather than using multiple spreadsheet tabs. We strongly suggest you hand this in while you are together as a group immediately at the end of the review session BEFORE anything has been fixed to avoid confusion about who was responsible for doing the hand-in or forgetting to do it. It is expected that the "status" column will be blank.

Zip the peer review spreadsheets together into one file one file and submit it to Canvas in the Project 4 (Group) submission as Project04_[Group Number].zip.

Please do NOT put these files inside a subdirectory. When unzipped they should not have any directory associated with the file name, and should just unzip into the current directory. (The file name convention will retain whose work it is.)

The rubric for the project is found here.