Kumar Status Report 3/11

Admittedly, this was a bit of slow week – as I was doing a bit of research and overwhelmed with all deadlines in the advance of spring break.

I continued to refine the urls.py as well as the look and feel of the HTML pages we will be using – things such as adding the logo of our group and links to our ECE course webpage.

While there’s not much to show, the python screenshots from last week needed debugging to make sure registration edge cases were handled fine.

I also watched various tutorials and reviewed the documentation for Vexflow. Now that the skeletons of the various aspects of the projects are coming together – I spent a bit of time with Alejandro and Aditya discussing how the integration of the parts will be happening in our views.py file – which dictates all the backend functionality of a Django web app.

Finally, we all worked together to put in significant effort on the Design Review Report, and this was a bulk of our time. I would consider myself to be slightly behind schedule as we are shifting towards integration part of our project in the next couple weeks – but I know I will make this up in the week after spring break.

This should have all the required aspects of the weekly status report.