Nakul Status Update #7

In the past week the infrastructure skeleton was finally finished completely and put onto an AWS EC2 instance. I was able to hit it from a web browser and see response. The two server setup was functioning properly where the API Frontend creates a thread for each connection, and then if the thread needs to ferry information to the Workout Analysis server it will initiate and make that connection. All requests with a URI starting with /workout will be sent over to the Workout Analysis Server.

Now I must work on implementing the queueing and threaded consumption of the messages it receives from the API Frontend. After this I can move on to implementing all of the endpoints listed in our Endpoint Document. First of those would be the /workout/frame. This is the most in depth and has a lot of object classes that needed to be created on the side. The flow can be seen here: FlowChart. In terms of scheduling, since infra took so long I am about a week behind. However, I believe since the implementation of endpoints is fairly straightforward, I will be able to make up time in the next two weeks.

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