Nakul Status Report #8

Due to Carnival this week, less was accomplished than most weeks. However, there was still good progress made. This week focussed on building up more core backend functionality. Mainly implemented a way for the Workout Analysis Server to queue messages ferried from the API – Frontend in a way such that it can have a different thread consuming from this queue. This is going to be accomplished through an Array Blocking Queue that will allow the consumer thread to hang on a take() request from the queue.

Next week I would like to finish this consumption as well as start implementing the suite of object classes that will be needed in order to handle the frame POST request that provides a BodyDataSet and needs to update the live workout analysis. Still have not caught up from being one week behind in the project, and this week will likely not be the one in which I can make that time up. However the week after that can be a big week and put me back on schedule.

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