Nakul Status Report #9

Major progress in this last week. The flow looks great with the two servers and one server having threaded queue consumption. Implemented a ton of framework classes this week that are POJOs which will wrap our data cleanly and clearly. Also a major question that came up this week is how we are going to decide whether or not we are in a new set or the same set. Trusting the classifier so greatly such that one new workout classification triggers a new set seems foolish, so we came up with an alternate method. We track the last 5 classifications (number subject to change) and if the majority of the last 5 are a new exercise then we close the previous set and open a new set. There are some edge cases handled, but those are still being ironed out.


In the next week I hope to implement actually hitting the classifier on AWS Sagemaker, and sending results to a Frontend. Then also hopefully be able to get some basic form correction going. Schedule will need to be very aggressive the next two weeks to make final demo.

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