Nakul Status Report #1 (2/16)

Nakul Garg

Team C4 — EZ-Fit

Individual Status Report 1


This week being the first week with feedback from the presentations focussed heavily on design for the whole team. I specifically was looking into the high level architecture of our system. This includes what components we need, how they interact, and how they communicate. We had a rough idea of the involved components coming into this week as can be seen in left figure, yet as a team we wanted to take this high-level model and start deciding what will actually fill the role of each part. I looked into how to link the Raspberry Pi to AWS Kinesis thus fulfilling the role of the conduit, and it turns out AWS provides a tutorial on how to do so. The Pi can act as a Kinesis Producer and the AWS Server as the Kinesis Consumer thus streaming our video straight into the processing. Then I made a sketch of the flow of how the components can interact for an average use case. The Pi will need to initially link with the backend and establish its connection to AWS Kinesis. Then the user will initiate a workout through the frontend which will prompt the backend to tell the Pi to initiate a stream. That stream can be sent through Kinesis running OpenPose and the data can be sent both to AWS SageMaker which we plan to use to run our classifier and the backend for user feedback. This week I spent focussing on ironing out these details with the flow to make sure that the technology we want to use can work together and that the architecture is clear.


For the next week, I want to iterate on this initial architecture and keep drilling deeper until we have a very clear design. This involves explicitly stating the responsibilities of each component in the above diagram. From these internal requirements, I should hopefully be able to craft a class architecture for the backend revolving around the services it is expected to provide. I also hope to specify what communication protocol the Frontend specifically uses to talk to the Backend as well as how the Pi will initially connect. We seem to be on schedule.

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