Weekly Report #5 – 3/16


I was not able to get as much work done this week as I intended, with a busier than expected spring break schedule and lack of convenient internet access. For now, I’ve continued to study the Adafruit CircuitPython libraries for servo and stepper motor control, and their UART control as well. I’ve downloaded the necessary libraries, and will try out my example code once I get access to the hardware.


I have also not been doing as much work because of spring break. But I have been researching into possible control logic that we could use for the servo. I will hopefully be able to implement it once I get back to CMU after the break. So, because of that we are still a bit behind our schedule, but as mentioned in the team report we have updated the Gantt chart to better illustrate our current situation.


I mostly just researched into ways to implement autofocusing for the system. Currently, I’m thinking of measuring a lookup table for reasonable focus parameters given the size of the bounding box to be tracked and the current zoom level, and using a contrast based algorithm to fine tune the focus around that point.


Regarding the Gantt chart, there are a few changes made. One, the enclosure was pushed back by about a week and a half, as leading up to the April 1st demo, the most important thing is getting working mechanical control and vision systems. Some of the power-related optimization tasks were also relabeled to better reflect a more software/firmware-based nature, as opposed to the earlier hardware controls, and changes were made to the distribution of work to bring motor/servo control under the group whole-domain.

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