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You can find all past exams in 447 sites from Spring 2012, Spring 2013, and Spring 2014. These may contain questions from material that you will be tested on for the first exam.

Exam 1: (Fri. 3/20)

Note that Exam 1 covers all material covered until Spring Break, including those covered in lectures, homeworks, labs, along with Homework 4 and Lab 4. Also note that Homework 4 material is synergistic with the Exam 1 material, so we strongly suggest that you do Homework 4 as you prepare for the exam.

Exam 2: (Fri. 4/24)

Note that Exam 2 covers all material since the first lecture, including those covered in lectures, homeworks, and labs.

Final Exam: (Tue. 5/5 5:30p.m.‐8:30p.m)

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