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The Poster session is on Dec 10th, 2.30 - 6.30 pm, Newell Simon Hall (NSH) Atrium.

Posters size should be 40”x30”. Create your final posters in PDF format.

Sample Poster : Sample poster

If you are a CS student, you should be able to use the SCS poster printing service directly. If you are an ECE student, here are the instructions to print your poster.

  • Your poster size should be 40”x30”
  • Create your poster and convert it to PDF format.
  • Send an email to all the TAs with the following information
    • Your project title
    • Attachment containing your poster in PDF format
    • Name of the group member who will be collecting the poster once it is printed.
  • Please send in your posters before 5 PM on Thursday, 9th December.

Final Report

The final report should be two-column, single spaced. It should NOT exceed 12 pages. The report should explain the following things.

  • Detailed description of the problem
  • Why existing solutions are not sufficient
  • Key ideas behind your solution
  • Your simulation infrastructure
  • Results compared to baseline
  • Insights that you might have developed
  • Brief survey of related work

Sample Report - pdf : TCM_paper tarball: SampleTCM

The tar ball contains the latex files for a MICRO 2010 paper. The sample will also give you a feel for the organization of a conference paper in Computer Architecture. There is a makefile included in the tarball. The main file “paper.tex” defines the organization of the paper and the different section contents are present in the remaining tex files.

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