Rachel’s Status Report for 4/22

This week I worked on improving the accuracy of the multi card detection. I ran into a couple of problems. For the YOLOv7 algorithm, it needed a lot of data but the labelling software I had setup, could not handle that amount of data and was able to transfer the labels to the algorithm. Because of this, I had to reframe the network to be the YOLOv5 framework and set up a new labelling software that worked through a website rather than locally which allowed it to handle a lot more data. Because of this set back, a lot of data had to be relabelled which set me back on the progress. However, I have been working on that and the training is all set up so I hope to get the entire model trained by tomorrow so that integration with the camera can be completed with the ML model and we can get the software and hardware completely integrated before we put in the game logic.

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