Mason’s Status Report for 4/8

This week I finished up the interface for the printer. There were a few issues with the formatting for the cards which made the cards look slightly different from the card we used to train the dataset. I had to modify the bitmaps slightly in order to make sure that the alignments were consistent. Also, there were a few font and sizing discrepancies which needed to be fixed by adding some commands to the rust driver that communicates with the printer. In terms of new things, I have been researching writing a new driver for the LCD screen so that we can take advantage of all 4 rows of the screen instead of just the top two.

I previously was planning on writing the camera driver, but the new lens arrived and it was the wrong one. In order to get things back on track, we have bought the newest camera which has much better support than the camera which we were using before (this camera we have is from inventory was the oldest version. On top of that it might have been broken).

This week I want to finish writing the camera driver as soon as the new camera arrives. Also, after out mid-semester review and feedback, we have realized that we have a lot of server design and integration to do in order to meet our design goals.



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