Team’s Status Report for April 23

What are the most significant risks that could jeopardize the success of the project? How are these risks being managed? What contingency plans are ready?

We are finishing integration this weekend and working through testing. At this point, our biggest risk is not being able to upgrade our system to two cameras. Because the cameras are not in the same location, an additional alignment code will be necessary. This may be difficult to get operational. As a contingency plan, we can stack the two cameras together. One can be permanently zoomed out (for tracking) and the other can zoom in (for photographing). This approach is simpler and would not be much less effective.

Were any changes made to the existing design of the system (requirements, block diagram, system spec, etc)? Why was this change necessary, what costs does the change incur, and how will these costs be mitigated going forward

After speaking with one of Professor Savvides’ Ph.D. students, we realized that using two MIPI-CSI cameras on our version of the Jetson Nano is not possible even with our multi-camera adapter. This is because the camera stream must be terminated before another camera can be accessed. We found that the best way to troubleshoot these problems is by purchasing a USB IMX219 camera. This is the same model we currently have, so our code will be compatible, but the USB input can be streamed simultaneously to the MIPI-CSI. The camera will fit on our current pan tilt system and is only $35 on amazon. We will cover this expense ourselves and can get two-day shipping.

Provide an updated schedule if changes have occurred.

We will add our second camera this week after our initial round of testing. This will go under the ‘modifications’ time previously allocated.

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