Justin’s Status Report for April 23

What did you personally accomplish this week on the project? Give files or photos that demonstrate your progress.

With deadlines upcoming, I contributed to multiple areas of the project. The most crucial area I worked in was implementing the search algorithm on the robotic system.

The robot scans all the way horizontally then increments vertically (I could not find a way to show a video of this happening)

The second thing I worked on was helping troubleshoot the training of our detection CNN. We tried training this model on a laptop and on google Colab, but neither of these approaches were feasible. So instead we used my desktop. This ended up being more difficult than anticipated due to incompatibility between our CUDA and Pytorch versions. Afterward, I worked with my group members to install PyTorch on the Jetson Nano to use the detection model.

Finally, I continued to make progress on the photo editing algorithm. Our goal is to have a CNN which outputs amounts to apply various image algorithms. To generate data for this training, we need the algorithms to be reversible to determine the target editing modification. Some inverse algorithms (ex. tint inverse) could be mathematically derived. Others (like sharpening and blurring) required experimentally finding a relationship that minimized reconstruction error.

Relationship between blur values and sharpening values which lead to minimum MSE between original and restored images

Is your progress on schedule or behind? If you are behind, what actions will be taken to catch up to the project schedule?

I am on schedule with the most recent team schedule.

What deliverables do you hope to complete in the next week?

Complete test results and modifications for the system.

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