Team’s Status Report for March 19

What are the most significant risks that could jeopardize the success of the project? How are these risks being managed? What contingency plans are ready?

With setup complete, the largest initial risk for the project has been avoided. Now the largest risk is performing poorly in multiple areas in initial testing. Our schedule is designed such that we perform initial testing ASAP, and focus our remaining time on the design requirements not met by the initial setup. With testing occurring over the next two weeks, we will receive important information on how to proceed with the rest of the project. The biggest concern is that all 3 areas of our project (detection, tracking, and editing) fall short of their quantitative requirements. If this is the case, we will each need to continue working on our area of the project. This will limit our ability to team up on the issues.  We should still be able to manage this situation as there is one person per area. However, as a last resort plan, we will focus on detection and stationary photography first, tracking second, and photo editing last.

Were any changes made to the existing design of the system (requirements, block diagram, system spec, etc)? Why was this change necessary, what costs does the change incur, and how will these costs be mitigated going forward

Our original plan was to have our robot’s camera platforms be square with rods in the corners. However, when building the tower, we realized that the camera, when vertical, would bump into the rods. To fix this we replaced the square platforms with long rectangles. Our initial material purchases were sufficient for this adjustment, so no additional costs were created.

Provide an updated schedule if changes have occurred.

No schedule updates.

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