Team Status Update for Saturday, Mar. 21

This week brought some significant changes to the project, the new scope is summarized in our updated SOW:

Team E0 Statement of Work_3_21_20

Short summary is that the only major changes are to the details of the design, to account for losing access to campus resources, and several tests/characterizations/calibrations of the array will no longer be possible, and will therefore not be performed.

Work will be roughly divided by area, John will construct the physical array, Ryan will write the software to do audio-level processing, and Sarah will write the software to do array-level processing.

With the shutdown of roboclub and most other campus resources, we’ve had to check out most of the tools that we planned to use to construct the project, and set them up an at-home lab.  That along with the mass of changes to all of our daily lives this week has taken up most of our time, so not much more has been completed.

A few things have been done though, some amount of board design for the microphone carriers was done (see John’s update for details), though still in progress, and, the reel of microphones arrived from TDK/InvenSense.

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