Final Report

It’s been a long semester, and we’ve put in a lot of work, but our project is finally done! Our final report can be found here. Ultimately, we’ re pretty proud of what we were able to build this semester, and an honorable mention at the final project demo session was a nice way to cap everything off.

Thanks to everyone who helped us this semester!

Status Update – Team (05/06/2019)

Today was our in class final demo! It was really cool to see what everyone worked on this semester. The vibe almost reminded us of booth in a way.

Here’s our video that we shot at our table:

We also received an honorable mention for the Apple awards, and we each earned a new pair of AirPods!


Status Update – Team (05/04/2019)

This week, we worked on a couple deliverables:

As a team, we prepared for our final presentation. Stephen was in charge of giving the presentation in front of the class.

Final Presentation

We all worked on our poster together. It was funny to see our whole semester’s work on a single (albeit large) page.


Finally, we all started working on our final report.

Status Update – Joseph (05/04/2019)

This week we focused primarily on finishing our final presentation, as well as the poster for our demo session. For the final presentation, I worked on adding information regarding to the final outcome of our project with Stephen and Matt. I also had to change the diagrams and details for the audio processor module, since a lot of it had changed since our design proposal.  We also worked on poster and submitted it to be printed as a team.

For the upcoming week, our main primary focus is to finish our project report. We will also be preparing for the demo on Monday, making sure that our project works as intended on the day of.

Status Update – Stephen He (05/04/2019)

It’s finally the last week of class!

For the final presentation, I was responsible for delivering the talk. So, I spent a few hours on Monday and Tuesday practicing what I was going to say with my team. On Wednesday, I gave the presentation, which I think went pretty well! It was satisfying to see the project come together throughout the semester, so I really liked sharing what we worked on to the class. The other presentations I listened to were very interesting as well.

For the rest of the week, we began working on our final report!

Status Update – Matt (05/04/2019)

This week we really ironed out the last few details for our project. Primarily, we finalized our goals for what we hope to have ready for the demo on Monday. This will include demos of our live audio features including all digital effect blocks as well as basic analog effects. We also plan to show how our software can handle recorded audio as well.

We also worked a bit on our final report. Ultimately, this will be the last deliverable after our demo on Monday. We will try to find some time on Monday/Tuesday to finish up the remainder.

All in all, I think we’ve had a successful semester. We accomplished most of our project goals (though we have had to make some concessions where necessary) and I’m pretty satisfied with our final product.

Status Update – Stephen He (04/27/2019)

This week, I worked on tying up a couple loose ends.

First thing I did was add a new type of functional block called the Amplifier block. Since it was just another instance of a functional block, adding it was straightforward.

Next, I spent some time working on our group presentation for Monday. This time, I’ll be giving the presentation for our group, so I spent some time rehearsing and getting up to speed on the ins and outs of Joseph and Matt’s parts.

I also collected some feedback in our user study. Some of my friends were kind enough to lend me their time.

Overall, I feel like this week was a bit more relaxing than last week in terms of work load. I think we’re in a good place with our code, so most of the work from here on out will be deliverables. Next week, I’ll be presenting our final presentation and working on our poster and demo.


Status Update – Team (04/27/19)

This week involved an assortment of minor things, such as fixing small bugs, gathering some statistics about our project, and working on a slideshow for Monday’s presentation. We patched bugs related to how our audio manager parses certain file types, and how the backend shuts down after being stopped by a user on the frontend. We had a few users try out our project and collected some feedback. We also collected some backend latency measurements which stacked up nicely to our initial goals, especially for digital effects. We also met for a while on Saturday to develop our presentation slideshow.

Going forward, the next big milestone is Monday’s presentation (slides will appear in next week’s status report or in a new blog post this week). After that, our attention will turn to the poster and final report. We also may end up fixing any minor issues we discover as we prep for the public demo, but for the most part we think our codebase is pretty much in its final state right now.

Status Update – Matt (04/27/19)

This week, we worked on some minor bug fixes and prepared for our final presentation. One important thing we fixed was a bug that prevented the backend from shutting down correctly when the user stopped the simulation from the frontend. Ironically, this bug was a direct result of some code that was introduced for testing and never removed. Preparing for the presentation also involved testing in order to collect data for our presentation. Part of this involved gathering some latency measurements for our backend circuit simulator/audio processor. Another aspect of this was getting some people to try out our project and see their reactions/collect feedback.

We also met for a few hours to develop the slideshow that Stephen will be presenting on Monday. As part of this process, we spent some time recording demo audio tracks that we can include as snippets in our presentation. This slideshow is mostly wrapped up, though there are a few finishing touches that we’ll probably add tomorrow afternoon.

Next week, I’ll probably turn my attention to the poster and final report, as well as iron out any last minor details that need to be addressed before the public demo day.

Status Update – Joseph (04/27/19)

This week, I spent a good amount of time working on our final presentation slides with my teammates. There were a good number of changes to especially the audio processor than was originally planned, so I had to reconfigure the diagrams and what not. In addition, i worked on adding an amplify or boost effect so that we would be able to observe the clipping from the diodes we implemented.

In the coming week, i will work on the poster, as well as preparing for our final demo.  Continue reading “Status Update – Joseph (04/27/19)”