Team Status Update 20 NOV 2021

This week as a team we completed separate stationary testing of the two sensors and determined our achievable range to be around 10m. Though below our specifications, we have passed our abort date and thus will see the project through with this sensor (an email has been sent to manufacturer to determine if some un-thought-of issue could be the cause). We have been trying to document our testing process with a few photos and plan to test the sensors on mount on 21 NOV. Code integration for the Signals Processing code and driver interface went fairly smoothly thanks to good communication beforehand about expectations. However, some issues have arisen in communication between the STM and Arduino. The two run at different high logic levels (3.3V and 5V) and though a pull-up resistor was attempted, we are still in the process of setting up the necessary communication channel. As we are not using all the pins on both devices, a backup plan of using direct control between 6 ports on each is possible if the serial communication continues to present issues. New battery have been received to get around some issues that we were encountering with buck converters, and the mount is going to be sent for re-print as some minor changes have been made. The old mount may still be used for testing as the changes do not effect the positioning of the sensors.

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