Albany’s Status Update 20 NOV 2021

This week, I did try to measure the current draw from one of the sensor’s when hooked up to the Arduino to see if this was a possible cause of the smaller than expected range, but was unable to get the multimeter working properly in the series current measure configuration. However, when hooked up to a 5V power supply, the current draw was under what would be possible for the Arduino. Emily and I got together to test the second sensor in the same manner as the first.

We received roughly the same results as with the first sensor. The range extended to about 11m. Interesting, accurate distance information was still returned after the car fell of the spectral line array, though only for about half a meter. As it was raining, this also allowed us to confirm that the operation of the sensor was not effected by precipitation (assuming the two sensors have the same clear weather range), though this was never expected to be a problem. We discussed trying to test the beamwidth of the sensor, but determined that though we were able to hold the sensor a certain distance away with insignificant error (1 or 2 cm over 1 or more meters) that even with a compass to determine angle, we could not hold the sensor at the correct angle. This testing will be preformed once the sensors are more securely on the mounts. Emily and I currently have plans to get together 21 NOV to preform mounted sensor testing with both sensors.

I also talked to Jason this week and took him through the interface for my code so that it could be integrated easily. I believe he now understands how to call the written functions on the data collected by the sensors. I also took some time to solder a few components for connections. I added the photoresistor to a circuit board with resistor and wiring for Emily so that she could use said setup to determine whether taillights would need to be on. I also started soldering some wires to male-to-male connector pins we are planning to use with the STM as they are still removable if necessary, but fit much more securely than wire alone.

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