Sports Technology


18-348 or 18-349


4 hrs lecture, 8 hrs lab


Mon & Wed 2:30-4:20 pm
Wean Hall 8427 (Fall 2009)

Course Description

This special topics course comprises a semester-long project experience geared towards the development of skills to design realistic and practical embedded/mobile systems and applications that enhance various aspects of the training, coaching, playing and scouting of different sports, including football, hockey, baseball, soccer, etc.

Students will work in teams on a project that will involve the hands-on design, configuration, engineering, implementation and testing of a prototype of an innovative embedded sports technology of their choice. Students will be expected to leverage proficiency and background gained from other courses, particularly with regard to embedded real-time principles and embedded programming.

The project will utilize a synergistic mixture of skills in system architecture, modular system design, software engineering, subsystem integration, debugging and testing. From inception to demonstration of the prototype, the course will follow industrial project practices, such as version control, design requirements, design reviews, user studies and quality assurance plans.

The lecture content will cover background material intended to complement the project work, and will also leverage lessons learned from other sports technology, the physics of sports and real-world lessons and guest lectures from experts in the field.

The remainder of the course will consist of regular team presentations of key project milestones, current project status, a final project presentation and functional demonstrations of various subsystems, even as the entire prototype is being developed.

  • pre-requisites:18-348 or 18-349
  • format:4 hrs lecture, 8 hrs lab
  • lectures:Mon & Wed 2.30-4.20pm, Wean Hall 8427 (Fall 2009)



Prof. Priya Narasimhan, Associate Professor in the ECE Department and Director of the Mobility Research Center at Carnegie Mellon, has 15 years of experience, and over 50 publications, in the field of computer systems, mobility and embedded systems. Apart from her significant contributions to industrial standards, she has real-world experience as the CTO and Vice-President of Engineering of a start-up company building embedded fault-tolerance products.

Her current research focuses on mobile and embedded sports technology, and on improving all aspects of viewing, training, scouting, refereeing and playing a variety of sports. She and her team have had success in transitioning their sports technologies into commercial products, particularly with YinzCam, a large-scale live mobile streaming technology. She is a rabid fan of the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Pittsburgh Steelers. You can follow her on twitter at @priyacmu.

  • office:CIC 2202
  • tel:412-268-8801
  • mail:priya at