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Lecture Notes:

Lecture 1    Introduction (PDF file)
Lecture 2    JPEG (PDF file)
Lecture 3    Vector Quantization and Subband Coding(PDF file)
Lecture 4    H.261 (PDF file)
Lecture 5    H.263 (PDF file)
Lecture 6   Efficient Block Based Motion Estimation (PDF file)
Lecture 7   MPEG 1 (PDF file)
Lecture 8   MPEG 2 (PDF file)
Lecture 9   MPEG 4 (PDF file)
Lecture 10   MPEG audio (PDF file)
Lecture 11   MPEG 7 (PDF file)
Lecture 12   Networking (PDF file)
Lecture 13   Coding, Systems, and Networking (PDF file)


Homework 1 (PDF file)
Video files: akiyo_10_cif.yuv  mobile_10_cif.yuv   stefan_10_cif.yuv   readme.txt

Solutions: HW 1 Solution  (provided by Joseph Huang)
Homework 2 (PDF file)
Test files: Test 1  Test 2  
Special thanks to Wing Ho Leung for the following compression ratios:
Compression ratio for hw2_test1: 1.806
Compression ratio for hw2_test2: 1.598

Solutions: HW 2 Solution  
Homework 3 (PDF file)

Solutions: HW 3 Solution  
Homework 4 (PDF file)
Akiyo Histogram   Stefan Histogram   Mobile Histogram

YUV player

Histogram of runtime for Akiyo
Homework 5 (PDF file ) *updated 2/19/99*  
Details of arithmetic coding using Implementation #2
Solutions: HW 5 Solution   (provided by Wing Ho Leung)
Homework 6 (PDF file )  

Solutions: HW 6 Solution   (provided by Wing Ho Leung)
Homework 7 (PDF file )  
Solutions: HW 7 Solution   (provided by Wing Ho Leung)
Homework 8 (PDF file ) * updated 4/7/99 at 4:50 PM * 
Solutions: HW 8 Solution   (provided by Wing Ho Leung)
Homework 9 (PDF file )
Solutions: HW 9 Solution   (provided by Wing Ho Leung)

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