The main focus of the project is the central hub, named Watchdog Core. Multiple extension devices are connected to the Core via WiFi communication. Watchdog Core has a MySQL database, which is used for communication between the extension devices, the core and mobile devices. Each extension device, such as the automatic feeder or collar, collects pet related data from its sensor. Watchdog Core stores the data in its database and performs complex analysis. The data can be displayed on a mobile application. The mobile application can also send commands to the Watchdog Core, referring to specific extension devices. When the commands are sent to the Watchdog Core, the corresponding extension devices can fetch the commands from the core and perform corresponding actions using its actuator.
In summary, the Raspberry Pi in Watchdog Core is connected to multiple extension devices by WiFi. The Watchdog Core receives and stores data and commands for extension devices. The user can use a mobile application to view data and send commands.

Use Cases

  • Connect pet appliances to WatchDog.
  • Control an appliance using the application that is connected to WatchDog.
  • Get collected data from all the appliances.
  • See meaningful information from the data concerning the pet.

Interaction Diagrams

Sending Commands

Collecting Data