The extension devices communicate (send and receive data and commands) to the Watchdog Core via WiFi.

The core accepts various pet appliances as extension devices.

Watchdog Core shall use collected data in its database to execute complicated analysis and data mining algorithms.

Watchdog Core shall communicate with various extension devices through MySQL database.

The user can control some devices by sending commands through the core using mobile devices.

The user can easily access all the data stored in the database using a mobile device.


Since there are a lot of opportunities and ideas for pet appliances in the market, they shall be easily connected to the Watchdog Core databse to gather data or to run commands.


Since Watchdog is an appliance used by non-experts at their homes, it should be very usable by average users. User interface of the mobile application should be clean and simple.


Since some extension devices are worn by live animals, safety must be carefully considered. Battery should be stored in an independent compartment to prevent overheating. Sensors and actuators should not be directly touching the pet's skin.


WiFi dongle

Description: 150 Mbps 802.11n
Vendor: Amazon
Cost: $9.99 (3)

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Actuator (LED)

Description: I2C-Controlled RGB LED
Vendor: Sparkfun
Cost: $12.95

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Weight Scale

Description: DYMO Digital Postal Scale
Vendor: Amazon
Cost: $42.89

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Description: RPi II (0.9GHz, ARM 7100, 1GB RAM)
Vendor: Amazon
Cost: $31.95 (3)

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SD Card for RPi

Description: 8GB Micro SD Card
Vendor: Amazon
Cost: $13.99 (3)

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Humidity and Temperature Sensor

Description: Digital Output-type Relative Humidity (RH) and Temperature Sensor
Vendor: Sparkfun
Cost: $29.95

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Description: ADXL345 - Triple-Axis Accelerometer
Vendor: Adafruit
Cost: $17.50

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Description: Automatic pet feeder
Vendor: Amazon
Estimated Cost: $31.95

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Camera for RPi

Description: Arducam Mini Camera Video Module
Vendor: Amazon
Cost: $14.99

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  • Creates a smart home by allowing smart things to connect so that the user can manage home environments.
  • Different from WatchDog in that it focuses on home appliances. WatchDog is also focusing a lot more on gathering data and monitoring living things.


  • Allows users to remotely feed their pets as well as receive feeding insights, alerts, and notifications. They can also manage food subscriptions and home delivery.
  • This product is much different from WatchDog in that it only focuses on feeding the pets while WatchDog would allow appliances like these to connect to create a central hub.