Item Unit Cost Quantity Total Cost
Nvidia Jetson TK1* $0 (donated) 1 $0 (donated)
Xbox Kinect 2 $0 (donated) 1 $0 (donated)
Canon LV-WX300ST Projector $479.00 1 $479.00
HDMI cable $5.49 1 $5.49
PCB board printing $40.00 1 $40.00
RGB LEDs $0.75 20 $15.00
AtMega328P $4.27 1 $4.27
120V AC to 12V DC converter $20.00 1 $20.00
5V Regulator $10.95 1 $10.95
Total: $559.71

*Not used in demo'd version, used a Windows machine instead.


Software Description
J4K Java Library Used to interface with the Kinect 2 camera using Java
RXTX for Java Java native library providing serial and parallel communication for Java.
*Nvidia TK1 Driver Package The latest TK1 driver package needed to program on the Jetson controller
*Fedora Mininal Linux Distribution The Linux OS we plan to use for programming on the Jetson

*Not used in demo'd version, because the Jetson was not used.


Protocol Description
Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) Bus Used to communicate between the controller and the lighting PCB
HDMI Used to communicate between the controller and the projector

Architectural Diagrams

Use Case Diagram

System Architecture Diagram

FSM Depiction of Gameplay
Note: We do not detect ball type, so even though the FSM was implemented, it is not used in this version.