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VisualEyes is a device that football quarterbacks wear on their arms to receive an animation of the play sent to them by the head coach during the game.


Currently today, communication between the coach and players on the field is mediated by unidirectional broadcasts from the coach to the quarterback and one designated defensive player, as well as hand signals from the coach to other players. This method of communication is error prone, especially in loud stadiums or when trying to run plays very quickly. Additionally, for competitive reasons the link is turned off 15 seconds before the start of each play so the coach cannot provide play-specific coaching as the QB walks to the line.

Our product would improve on all of these factors by providing a robust, reliable system that nevertheless does not provide too much of a competitive advantage as to be unfair or jeopardizing the integrity of the game.

Figure showing the different components.

Competitive Analysis

  • Id Coach: Allows the coach to send a play in from a custom device to a wristband. Our product will be better because the wristband is bulky and the UI for this product is terrible.
  • DigitalPlaybooks: This product is just a tablet app that helps coaches visualize plays. Our product actually sends the plays in to the players.

Risks & Mitigation Strategies

  • LCD breaking - Gorilla case for protection
  • Connection issues - Speed issues Distance Security
  • Battery life - Make it swappable

Technical Specifications

  • Hardware:
    • Arduino FIO
    • Systems 4D 4.3’’ LCD Touch Screen 4GB SD Card
    • 2 x XBee wireless connectors
    • 5V battery
    • Case for display (gorilla glass) Wristband outfitted for device
    • LDR - Light dependent resistor
  • Software: Arduino
  • Protocols: ZigBee


  • Support only football plays
  • Support only one receiver wristband
  • Play can be transmitted long distances – 100 meters
  • Have play call secured during transmission – 128 bit encryption
  • Have receiver receive the play calls fast - within 1 second
  • Rugged display case that can handle even the worst QB sacks – withstand 7 foot drop test
  • Long lasting battery life - 5 hours on a full charge
  • Display automatically adjusts brightness - up to 14000 LUX for sunny days
  • Error message on both ends if play call could not be sent/received Device
  • Needs to be lightweight and comfortable to wear