We will post presentations, videos, and any papers or documents in developing our project.


  • Project Proposal


    Presented the proposal to Professor Priya Narasimhan via Skype.
    Download Project Proposal

  • Team Presentations: Project Proposal & Architecture


    Melvin and Louis presented to the class the team's project and got some valuable feedback.
    Download Project Proposal & Architecture

  • Design & Architecture

  • Mid-semester Project Status

    We had a demo working with the screen connected to the web application running on the laptop.

    Melvin and Ben in the lab working hard.

  • Test Plan & Experimental Validation

    We conducted the following experiments:
    · Power Consumption of the Arduino & Screen.
    · Distance vs. Latency
    · Distance vs. Packet Loss
    Please download test data excel sheet for more information.

  • Final Project Presentation

    Please download here

  • Project Poster

    Coming soon



Check out our working demo. The screen is being controlled by our laptop.

User Interfaces

Display GUI for the QB.

User interface for the coach on the laptop.