Providing in-store targeted digital advertising based on passively-collected locational and behavioral data.

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Targeted Ads

  • Maintain dynamic personalized consumer profiles based on their shopping habits and physical location over time.
  • Increase the effectiveness of billboards by intelligently displaying ads to the consumers that are viewing them.
  • Improve the consumer's experience by displaying ads relevent to their interests and shopping habits.


  • An interactive interface streamlines the process of informing consumers about new products and where they can be located.
  • Integration with existing social networking platforms through today's smartphone devices further seeds our customer database.

Passive Tracking

  • Passive tracking allows us to update consumer preference profiles with no need for user interaction.
  • The user will not need to be associated with any particular wireless access point in order to interface with our system.
  • Works behind the scenes to tailor individual consumers' advertising experience without introducing interference to the shopping experience.