Team’s Status Report for April 16

What are the most significant risks that could jeopardize the success of the project? How are these risks being managed? What contingency plans are ready?

At this point, we have two major risks. The first risk is that multiple pieces (detection, tracking, hardware, editing) of our system fail to meet the quantitative requirements. If this is the case, we will not be able to team up to make final system revisions. We would have the capability to work separately on adjustments, as this is how we began work this semester. However, this would not be the ideal situation and could possibly complicate a second integration round.

The second major risk is adding a second camera to our system. This process will hopefully go smoothly, but with the difficulty we faced getting the single-stream working, there is a possibility that adding a second camera could be equally challenging. If it becomes too difficult to integrate the second camera, then we should focus on getting the best possible single-camera system. Our goal is to have a strong and functioning proof of concept, and while not ideal, this can be accomplished with one camera.

Were any changes made to the existing design of the system (requirements, block diagram, system spec, etc)? Why was this change necessary, what costs does the change incur, and how will these costs be mitigated going forward

No changes were made to the system.

Provide an updated schedule if changes have occurred.

No schedule changes.

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