Arthur’s Status Report for 05/08

This week I worked on our final presentation, poster, and demo. We met several times this week to finalize our project.

We are on schedule

Next week is the demo itself, and also the final report that is due Thursday

Ishaan’s Status Report 5/8

This week I worked on the final presentation, our poster and demo video. I also made some final touches our Unity game system

  • Added a 3D glove in the game, this will highlight what finger is being provided with haptic feedback for the purpose of the demo
  • Added new fruit variants and upgraded 3D assets
  • Updated our bomb color scheme

We are on schedule

For next week we will be working on tasks to present our final project

Team Status Report 5/8

Significant risks:

  • 3D-printed enclosure for the Raspberry Pi system will not be complete before tomorrow when we are taking pictures of our completed system
  • We currently have 2 functioning haptic feedback disks, reduced from 3 in the design.

Changes Made: 

  • We now have a visual indicator of our glove inside the Unity game that shows where haptic feedback is happening, which will make it easier to demo the feature virtually
  • We are building a 3D-printed enclosure for the Raspberry Pi to improve the looks of our final system.


We are on schedule for the upcoming deadlines this week.

Logan’s Status Report 5/8

This week we began working on our poster and some last-minute tweaks to finalize our system. I personally worked on designing an enclosure for the Raspberry Pi/IR component of the system. The enclosure will be 3D-printed and allow us to mount the camera in a more polished and presentable way.

We are on schedule, except the 3D printed enclosure for the Raspberry Pi/IR sensor will not be complete in time for taking photos tomorrow, but should be ready for the demo session.

This coming week we will present our working system via the final demo and continue to add finishing touches, while also working on the final report.

Arthur’s Status Report for 05/01/21

This week I worked on:

  • haptic feedback code is complete
  • able to do a sequence of vibrations based on game state input
  • we all met on campus to finally collect metrics for our tracking

We are on schedule

Next week

  • final presentation, Ishaan is giving this one
  • fine-tune some details for the final demo

Logan’s Status Report 5/1

I ended up working on the connector scripts for communicating haptic feedback signals out of the Unity game, over the wire to the Pi, and via Bluetooth to the glove. The Unity game communicates over a socket to the python script that handles serial communication between the laptop and the Pi. Because there is asynchronous reading and writing, I had to incorporate multithreading and synchronization for the serial port. I also worked on our slides and testing for our system.

We are on schedule.

This coming week we will present our working system.

Ishaan’s Status Report 05/01/2021

This week I added some of the final touches to our game.

  • Refined the angles and 3D positions of fruits, this helps them appear equally spaced out.
  • Improved the splatter/slicing effect. Now you can clearly see which fruit was cut
  • New effects when different items are cut. Camera shakes when the bomb is cut, make users feel like damage occurred.
  • We prototyped different ideas to demo the haptic feedback and our working on displaying that feedback on the game UI

On schedule 


Next week tasks:

  • finish implementing the prototypes for displaying the glove haptic feedback
  • Any final touches to the game and help Arthur and Logan wherever needed.


Team Status Report for 05/01/21

Significant risks:

  • player might not want to play the game with their own background, we need to add a default background that the game can be played on
  • might be some latency between the game sending feedback to the FLORA via bluetooth for the haptic feedback motors

Changes Made: 

  • our own 3D assets (fruits & bombs)
  • pause menu & menu screen
  • calibration step before playing the game (so that Unity can find the glove)
  • haptic feedback: sequence of vibrations based on different game states (fruit cut, bomb exploded, fruit missed…)


We are on schedule. While we will need to do some fine-tuning over the course of next week, we will be ready for both the upcoming presentation and the final demo.

Ishaan’s Status Report 04/24/2021

This week I worked on the following: 

  • Added new fruits – pineapple, apples. As of now we have their 3D assets and I and I am working on displaying graphics of them being cut/
  • Added  a lives counter that gets affected by cutting bombs  bombs
  • worked on improving the mouse 3d object, the mouse has a trail following it like the actual fruit ninja game
  • Added a main menu screen which then direct users to the game
  • Added a pause/play functionality for the game

On schedule 


Next week

We need to work on fine tuning the game, add some finishing touches to make the UI/UX better. This can be done by : improving the 3D assets, adding some game effects when a fruit is cut (like camera shaking), adding some sound effects.