Team’s Status Report for 05/08/2021

This week we spent a lot of time preparing and participating in the final presentation. Overall the presentation went well for our group, and we got some useful feedback that we can use in our final report.

Progress Made
We got some more data points in order to better justify our conclusions and started on the remaining assignments. For the final report we were able to adapt our design report as a good foundation to start on. We were also able to use some of the information from our presentations to work on the poster. We all started working on our contributions to the video and recorded some footage of our device.

For the remaining time we will finish up these artifacts and and prepare for the public demo as overall our project is finished.

Txanton’s Status Report for 05/08/2021

General Updates
This past week we had our final presentation. I feel that it went well and we got some useful feedback that we can use on our poster and in our final report. Overall our project is looking good and I am happy with the way it has turned out with the constraints we had.

After the presentation we did some final testing to solidify our conclusions. I also started working on the final poster and starting on our final report. Luckily we were able to use some components of our design report to get us some good progress on the final report.

In the upcoming week I will continue to work on the report and poster for the final public presentation so that we can get our project all wrapped up.

Enock’s Status Report 05/08/2021

This week I spent a lot of time prepping and practicing for the final presentation over Zoom with my groupmates.  Sunday we spent a lot of time working on the slides and displaying information similarly to what we would want to show for our VR presentation. From there we were able to get much needed feedback for our project, most importantly, running more tests on our device to get more accurate metrics. We conducted more tests at each location to get better data to present when it comes time to write our final design presentation as well as when it comes time to VR present. We also started working on our poster for the VR presentation and it is mostly formatted from our final presentation slides with some updated fields and information as per the presentation guidelines. We also began filming our final video but will conduct the final filming tomorrow (Sunday) since we had some issues with our project and we needed more time to conduct more thorough tests.

Vrishab’s Status Report for 05/08/2021

Wrap Up

This week I worked on wrapping up the final aspects of our project and on performing validation tests for our final report. These included marking up the room and testing received signal strength at different locations. We also recorded video of our project and took pictures.

Progess Since Last Week

We have finished the final steps of our design and have moved on to validation and documentation.

Tasks for Next Week

We have to create our poster and edit our demo video. Other than that, we are finished with our project.





Vrishab’s Status Report for 05/01/2021


I spent a considerable amount of time this week working on the integration between our vision system and the rest of our processing pipeline. The image code interfaces with a web camera and the overlay is produced by opencv. The vision script receives data over UDP that is used to plot the colors for the overlay.


I developed a final set of tests and benchmarks that we are in the process of performing so that we have some concrete metrics and data to present. Enock and I carefully measured and placed markers around our lab environment so that the data we get can be matched against the position of the transmitting device.

Footage and Documentation

I spent some time this week documenting our testing process and collecting footage that will be used in our final presentation and in our slide deck.

Progress Since Last Week

We have completed the integration of our vision system and have moved into the final testing phase.

Tasks for Next Week

We plan on performing further tests, collecting data and performance metrics, and collating the footage for our final presentation.

Team Status Report 05/01/2021

This final week was dedicated to integrating the software with the hardware and running tests to report our final metrics to see the difference between our initial goals and our final results. The software system consisted of two parts, collecting the SDR data and transmitting the data, and a receiver which analyzed the data to perform beamforming as well as conducting the overlay. These two parts were done on two different devices and so this process was merged to be performed on one. This was done not only for efficiency in design space on the cart and to preserve data integrity between transfers, but also to alleviate the need for a tedious FPGA setup.

We have also put some significant time into final tests for our system to ensure that the integration has worked without hitches. We placed markers within the lab and used these to gauge the performance of our system. Additionally, we began collecting footage and pictures for use in our presentation for sunday.

We allocated additional time this week to give feedback on the course and to prepare our presentation slides.