For our CapstoneĀ  project, we decided to create a 3D Printer Error Detection System. We decided that this would be a suitable project for the semester, given that it encompasses multiple different ECE areas (Software / Signals / Hardware), and could prove useful as current 3D printing companies are starting to look at this technology as well.

Our first gantt chart

My main area is in Signal & Image Processing, so I will be focusing on that, as well as other software components that will be in our project. This project requires that our image processing algorithms are as good as they can get, so I’m very excited to start working on them!


For this project, I’m focusing on the hardware, pcb design, and some embedded firmware development. Prior to the proposal, I communicated with the people at TechSpark to ask about 3D printing errors and see if we could use their 3D printers to test our device.


My main area of focus is embedded systems and rapid prototyping. For this project I’ll be working on the Octoprint plugin development, the embedded firmware, and the physical design/configuration of our sensing hardware.